If you’ve never had of duet compatibility, then you’ll do so here. As a member you can chose to take some very interesting test like money and core tests. These tests will open better ways when it comes to choosing your partner. A lot of people have found their perfect match here and live happily.

// TODO – tony – merge with latest review below is outlined as one of the best online dating sites by Dating Sites Reviews. Besides a wide range of search options to choose from, the site also has relationship expert who shares dating tips and advice. The is a website designed to provide all the information and advice you need to build a successful relationship then set you up with a compatible partner using personalized matching. For any single out there looking to start a relationship and is ready to cultivate it to blossom for long-term, dating sites reviews recommends as one of your best places to find love. comes at a monthly fee of 36.99 dollars, which is a relatively fair price for a seamless experience that will take you through relationship advice, tips and connect you to a match that is compatible to your liking. It has a large database of males and females which provides a larger range of search options. uses duet total compatibility system which is developed by analysis of a person`s personality, values, lifestyle, ideals, love and money to find a compatible partner. The personalized matching is considered widely as the most inclusive assessment for creating options that have high chances of starting a lasting relationship. The site has a long record of successful relationship matches over the years, being a creation of the pioneers of the online dating business. The experienced team created a site that does a wholesome assessment of every single member then using powerful search tools creates personalized search options. is a site that offers relationship services and online dating on the same platform. Besides the compatibility system used to select the best match to fit your partner of choice, it has a page dedicated to relationship advice and dating tips. is recommended for being an all round site that will help a user improve dating skills, how to handle relationships then offer a number of compatible partners to choose from.


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            • – is wholesome, as it helps a single person learn how to carry on when on a date and when in a relationship.
            • – The site has relationship experts to help users cultivate a blossoming relationship and gives them knowledge to grow the relationship further and deeper.
            • – is designed with a general differentiation to make personal searches easier and more defined.
            • – The site accommodates a large number of members from all ages, beliefs and races, which gives a larger database for search options.
            • – Video, search and other communication tools are enabled to optimize user satisfaction. This improves communication and increases the chances of finding a lover that you want to settle down with.


            • – The site has a monthly fee of 36.99 dollars which is much more than most other top dating sites.
            • – The compatibility tests may not really cover what a person looks for in a relationship.
            • – The compatibility profile created may limit the opportunities for a girl to find love by prejudice that raises from the compatibility tests.
            • – The membership fee is high.
            • – The services are for people within USA and Canada only.