Going for 9.95 Euros a month for membership, dating site reviews outline this one as those sites you will join as a serious single. This site is said to make matches based on a quantitative approach in regard to character, values and intellect to forecast the possibility of a long-term relationship. So are you looking out for a long-term emotional investment? This site is endeared on finding you that very person in possession of attributes you like but then again quite limiting. You miss the chance to test the deeper corner of the pool where you might get the chance to find someone who will liberate you from your comfort zone.

This is a very interesting site for someone looking for love online. This is because it is the only site that will use your details to make the right match for you. Nothing would give you more joy than in knowing that you not only have a partner but one who is compatible. If you are looking for love online, think eHarmony you will join the number of lovebirds that have found love here. It come with a monthly cost and is universal.

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eHarmony review

Going for a monthly membership fee of 13.95 dollars, dating sites reviews, ranks among the best online dating sites. The site uses scientific research methods to evaluate the persons that are highly likely to have a long-lasting relationship. This guarantees that, according to the questionnaires filled, you find highly personalized matches that have high probability for long-lasting relationships. Consequentially, is a hub for serious singles looking for partners to live with. Any single person willing to get in a lifetime relationship should check out this site.

The site uses a method called quantitative approach to find compatible partners. This approach considers character, intellect and values of a user to forecast the possibility of a lasting relationship. It provides scientific statistics that help in evaluating the best partner. However, at some point, the questionnaire is a limiting factor for many potential partners who may be represented wrongfully by the quantitative evaluation approach. A user may miss a chance with a perfect match for them due to conflicting results. Additionally, the evaluation method also reduces the search options since the matches are stricter and fewer people qualify for an opportunity.

Going by the goals that the site’s questionnaire looks to achieve, eHarmony is a site that was created for those who are looking for a lifetime commitment. The site is a top modern spot for singles who believe in the 21st century scientific enhancements. This site will guarantee to find a match for you just as you wish using highly defined personalized options. If you are tired of dating people who are tired of trying it out, and would like a long lasting emotional relationship, the quantitative approach used in this site will help you achieve just that. Additionally, new users can review their matches for free.


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            • – uses scientific methods that create questions that help narrow down to the people that fit your lifestyle and that you can live with.
            • – The site is available for people in different parts of the world hence, for those who are ready to date a person from anywhere, it broadens the partners.
            • – Quantitative analysis used in making personalized matching uses values, character and attributes which are essential to consider when choosing a date.
            • – The approach offers more personalized search options according to a person`s likes and character.
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            • – It is more expensive to use compared to other highly ranked online dating sites.
            • – Use of quantitative approach in eHarmony may limit the choices of a person and thereby miss a chance to create a fruitful relationship.
            • – eHarmony uses scientific methods which may use attributes that a user does not consider during dating, therefore, limiting their options and giving wrong matches.
            • – There are limited options from the personalized search as most information used to search is usually what people are expected to evaluate on a first date.
            • – The characters and values entered by a member may be wrong or inaccurate, causing prejudice either negatively or positively.