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            • – It has a more personalized search option as it concentrates on one particular group of singles.
            • – is efficient for users since the site`s users are generally guided by the same laws, making it easier to find a match.
            • – not only offers a place for dating but friendships too.
            • – It has a fair ration between males to females to offer a fair opportunity of partnership to all members.
            • – The site provides a user friendly interface that is allows a variety of options for the user to improve their experience while using the services.


            • – The services go for a monthly subscription fee of 15.99 dollars which is relatively higher compared to websites.
            • – The site is limited to one religious belief and is available only in the USA reducing the variety of potential partners to choose from.
            • – The site allows relationships to develop through religious setting, which is a rather shallow scope for a person looking for a lifetime commitment.
            • – The site exposes users to fraudsters who may pose as Christian believers and take advantage of unknowing Christians.
            • – Obviously, it is limited to Christian singles only, thus is not recommended for partners with other religious beliefs.

            This unlike other dating sites is a unique dating site. It addresses Christian issues and gives other Christians the chance to meet people who share their faith. Faith issues can be quite tricky and personal if not handled properly in a relationship. It’s an incredibly nice site with the chance to chat with those you meet online. It also comes with a monthly payment.

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   is the ideal site for Christian single men and women living in the USA. The site is created for those singles who take the religious beliefs of their partner seriously, more so, those Christian singles that are looking for a Christian friend, fiancée or marriage. The site is ranked the best dating site for Christian faithful who are looking for a partner.

            Besides, the site also helps build a relationship built in a Christian foundation, emphasizing on the beliefs and ways of the religion. This site is rated as one of the best online dating sites by dating sites reviews. This is because, from its inception and name, a user knows the kind of partners that are registered with site, which is an initial pass for a personal compatibility test for a Christian single. The site is majorly composed of singles looking for a partner to start a family with and live together with.

            The is more like a social media site for Christian singles to mingle. It has a user-friendly interface that creates room for users to share interests, encourage each other and share religious conversations. Through the socializing among the members, it is easy to identify the perfect date for you. The site connects Christian singles to others like them from the locality. It also can be a beginning to great friendships and even marriages. It has a long proven record of successful hook ups from the area.
   is the perfect place to check out if you are looking for a religious Christian partner. It is a responsive website which allows faster search for Christian potential partners in your area code. It is simple to use as all it requires are a zip code and email address.