This site is focused on using biological analysis to help you find your perfect match. The registration process itself is designed to help discern early relationship breaking points. The site engages you like a self help book does helping you narrow down what will work for you and what wouldn’t.

Just like its name suggests, it is one amazing site that uses chemistry in match making. Its function is close to eHarmony but with a lesser client base. New members get 14 days free membership before enjoying the full benefits. Compared to other dating sites, has a large number of female followers.

// TODO – tony – merge with new review below review is rated as one of the best online dating sites by Dating Sites Reviews. From the creators of, this site is with no doubt a trendsetter in the industry. It is a complimentary for the modern day single who needs a biologically compatible partner to make an emotional connection with. It has an added advantage of relationship services, with professional advice through a personalized feedback system. The site engages the user like a self help book and helps them discern relationship breaking points. The personalized feedback system is used to create an activity plan to facilitate your progress. This is made possible by tracking your activities and evaluating your interests.

The site uses research method from a renowned biological anthropologist to predict the single people in the database that you would have dating and relationship chemistry with. A personal test created for the user is used to analyze the potential partners that match them well using the scientific matching method. Additionally, the feedback system will help you meet a partner, create a conversation and set a date. It is an easy guide that will literally hook you up with a date and leave it to you to create a lifetime bond.
This site is focused on using biological analysis to help you find your perfect match. The registration process itself is designed to get to know the user well and from the day of registration, your activity is tracked and your definition is improved. With time, the search options get more and more precise to your best bet for a chemistry that will spark that special flame in your heart. Going for 26.99 dollars, the site a great opportunity to create an emotional investment that will blossom for as long as a lifetime. Moreover, is an affiliate of renowned online dating site that has a proven record in the industry and the site itself has thousands of testimonials of successful relationship matches.


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            • – has an interactive feedback system that offers advice that will help you get a date fast.
            • – uses authentic scientific based research to determine the chemistry profiles that are compatible.
            • – has an easy 1-2-3 formula for guiding users between meeting and setting up a date.
            • – It has a faster method for setting up a date, thus, encourages faster real life dating among the partners.
            • – Use of personality tests help users to analyze the kind of person every potential partner is and helps create a compatible chemistry profile.


            • – The scientific method used limits opportunity for love to blossom as it sometimes does; out of the blues.
            • – The users may falsify tests to get a lure a partner to a relationship, faster.
            • – It is costly compared to the other top dating sites.
            • – offers advice to hasten set up of a date, which a person may follow even when not convinced that they like the match.
            • – It is uses science to predict emotional attachment, which may not be as accurate.